About Us

Who we are?

Did you know that Nearly 6,5 million people are currently blacklisted at credit bureaus in South Africa? They don’t have enough credit scores to get approval from traditional banks and lenders. As a result, they have no other option to borrow money.

In this situation, what if life throws curveballs, especially when we’re unprepared for it? To help people with bad credit or having credit blacklisted, we offer short-term payday loans of up to R5000 or more.

We’re here to make the financing easy, simple, and fast for all Africans. Our application is 100% online and provides instant funding in 10-15 minutes and with flexible repayment options. So, what are you waiting for? Try us today and have a new lending experience with us!

Our mission: To provide financial help when it’s needed most.

Our vision: To be the market leader in fast, responsible, and convenient online lending in South Africa.

Why we’re here?

We are here to make personal relationships with our customers. Blacklisted or bad credit people in South Africa now have a fantastic option to get the financial help they need. Whether they require cash to cover sudden car repairs or want to upgrade their old-fashioned furniture, our range of payday loans for blacklisted are here to serve them.



Why we’re different from other?

Your credit score plays a crucial role when you apply for a new credit product like a loan or credit card. It is like an indicator for the lenders to know if you are the right person to get approval. But what if your credit score is negatively hit and credit agencies tagged you as a ‘blacklisted’?

In such situations, getting loan approval from banks and lenders takes a lot of work. They do not allow blacklisted to apply for a loan. We opened the hood to opportunities and gave everyone equal chances to borrow money, even if you are blacklisted. Apply with us when all doors and options are closed for getting money.

Our lending platform provide you:

  • An easy online application and speedy approval process.
  • Trusted, secure, and transparent lending.
  • Quick electronic deposits within 10-15 minutes.
  • A convenient and friendly service—like mates helping mates.
  • Equal rights to apply for loans, whether you have bad credit or are blacklisted.

Got questions?

Our customer care team always tries to be with you, and if you have any problem or want to share feedback, please get in touch with us. You can also review our FAQs here.

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